First-class Bulk Carrier designs & Marine Engineering

Bluetech Finland Ltd is a specialist in the development of fuel efficient cargo ship designs and engineering for the marine industry. Marketed under the “Bluetech” brand, our ships are fast gaining an international reputation as the world’s lowest fuel consumption per cargo unit while maintaining the highest cargo volume capacity in their class. Owners get the best earning potential possible from their vessels.

We also offer engineering services for ship owners, shipyards and other marine or marine-related suppliers. Our expertise also includes all other ship design disciplines, with excellence in hydrodynamics, structures and machinery design.

Based in Helsinki, Bluetech Finland was established in February 2013 by a group of experienced naval architects. The goal was clear: to develop the world’s most cost-efficient cargo vessels and use our design skills for the benefit of our customers’ ship and marine engineering projects.

Currently the group of companies employ some 45 professionals. Half of us are naval architects, the other half hold degrees in engineering and similar specialist fields. This is a unique combination of people with decades of experience and newcomers bringing fresh ideas to the industry. It is a mix providing you with the best in modern maritime engineering.